A regular meeting of the Lodge was held on 10th March, 2015, during which two of our newer members took a further step up the ladder of masonry.

The meeting concluded with various pieces of business, including electing of the Master for the year 2015-2016, the treasurer, and other members of the committee.

An unopposed vote ratified that the annual fees should be raised to £110,00 for the forthcoming year.

Following the meeting, the members and guests enjoyed a five course meal at which a further sum was raised for charitable purposes.


This was held on 28th February, 2015, at Windmill Street, being attended by members of the Wakefield of Hythe Lodge, their wives, guests and their wives.

the 46 attendees enjoyed a sit-down meal, chatter and a raffle. All the ladies received a small gift from the lodge.

£400 was raised for charitable purposes.


The most recent meeting was held on 10th February, 2015, during which two of our newer members made an advancement in the craft of Freemasonry.

Following the meeting, 30 members and 3 visiting masters enjoyed a 4-course dinner, during which the usual toasts were proposed and honoured.


This was held on 20/01/2015 during which the future development of the lodge was discussed, along with assistance to be given to the several new members.


Our first regular meeting of 2015 was hel on 13th January during which two more members were introduced to those present.

The Master announced that one of our older members had died last week and that there would be a eulogy given at our next meeting.

Following the formal business, the 41 members, visiting Masters and guests enjoyed smoked salmon, pork in mushroom sauce, sweet, cheese board and coffee.

The evening raised over £250 for future charitable works.


The 2014 Christmas meetting of the Lodge was held on 9th December during which two new members were introduced to those present, one being the son of the acting Master for the evening, the other the father of one of our newer members.

After the formal business had been completed, the 31 members, 14 guests and one visiting Master enjoyed the Christmas fair.


This was held on 18th November, during which the events for the next few weeks were discussed.


A regular meeting of the Lodge was held on Armistice Day, during which two new members were formally introduced to those present, following which, 21 members, the two new members, two Masters of other Lodges, and two guests (29 in all) enjoyed roast beef dinner.

All the proceeds of the evening will be creditted to the lodge’s charity chest.


This was held on 21st October during which there was discussion about the Lodge calender for the next 6 months, and a possible new member was interviewed.

A regular meeting was held on 14th October during which a member took his third step.

The 23 present then convivially dined, during which a raffle was held, the proceeds of which, along with donations, will be creditted to the lodge Charity Chest.


40 members and guests attended this event on 28th September. The surplus of £200 will be creditted to the charity fund.


Another possible new member was interviewed. The unanimous vote was that he should be notified to the members at the next meeting.


On Sunday 7th September, 2014, 48 people, including twelve members, walked for several miles along the Royal Military Canal, finishing at the Whie Horse in Bilsington for a full English breakfast

The surplus of £212 will be put to future charitable purposes.


on 02/09/2104 Wakefield Lodge held an unscheduled committee meeting in order to interview three potential new members. It was agreed unanimously that all three would be put forward to a vote at the next regular meeting.


The annual garden party was held on 27th July at Woodchurch village hall/marquis..

20 members, and 91 in all, enjoyed the afternoon and, in the main, managed to avoid the torrential down-pours of rain.

To date, the total raised for future charitable causes is £625 and still counting!


The Wakefield of Hythe banner was displayed at this event as it raised over £30,000 toward the East Kent Province total of £3.6 million.


On 20th May, 2014, the Wakefield of Hythe Lodge hosted a Gentlemen’s supper.

29 attended, 19 members and 10 guests who all enjoyed a mixed grill, fun and banter. Some of the non-members took the opportunity to look round the Lodge room.


A regular meeting was held on 13th May, 2014, during which one of our newer members passsed the test which enabled him to progress within the craft.

We were pleased that our Grand Lodge Officer ( and honorary member) was with us, along with five guests.

Following the meeting, the 28 present enjoyed convivial company, a four-course meal, and raising a total of £185 for charities.



On 8th April, 2014, a regular meting was held during which Brian Byott was installed as master of the lodge for a second time. He then installed and invested his officers and assistants for the ensuing year.

We were pleased to be honoured by the presence of Roger Odd, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master as representative of the Provincial Grand Master.

During the meeting, he presented membership certificates two two of our members in a relaxed and amiable manner, and formally greeted one of our newer members.

Following the formal meeting, the 28 members and 14 guests enjoyed a five course meal and animated chatter.

The usual toasts were honoured. Following that to the Provincial Officers, the deputy Provincial Grand Master replied, during which, he paid tribute to his official escort who was performing his final duty as a Deputy Provincial Officer, and giving him a small gift as a token of thanks.

David suitably replied, and commented that he was looking forward to taking up his new post as secretary for the East Kent area.

Throughout the evening, over £250 was raised for later charitable use.


This was held on 1st April, 2014, when the proceedings for the pending regular meeting were finalised.


A committee meeting was held on the evening of 18th March, 2014, during which ratification of the agenda for the regular meeting on 8th April, 2014, was agreed.

Those present confirmed the members who will serve in official offices within the Lodge for the year 2014-2015.

The Master thanked those members who attended the Ladies’ Night, and its supporters, for their contribution toward the event.

The two members who had received gifts at the previous regular meeting thanked the Lodge committee for the unexpected presentations for their 40 and 50 years of service to Masonry.


21 members of the Wakefield of Hythe Lodge, along with their ladies, attended, with 46 other friends and family members to enjoy good company and food, music, dancing to the disco (Legend) and conviviality beyond the “witching hour”.

During the course of the evening, over £1,200 was raised for the chosen charity of the Master’s wife, Walk the Walk (Breast Cancer – Registered charity number SC029572).


A regular meeting of the Lodge was held on 11th March, 2014 during which the Master was elected for the ensuing year (commencing 8th April, 2014) along with other officers of the lodge.

We also benefitted from a talk was delivered by Robin Evans who is closely involved with the East Kent Provincial museum in St Peter Street in Canterbury.

He explained the history of the museum from the late 19th century, its progress throughout the 20th century, and its aspirations for the future.

In his delivery, he mentioned that anyone is welcome to pop in and browse the museum’s exhibits.

He engaged with the 23 members and the 5 other guests at the jovial and frivolous dinner after the event, and graciously received a cheque as a contirbution toward his expenses, which he declined in favour of the East Kent Masonic Museum charity about which he is passionate.

Additionally, a sum of over £150 was collected for non-masonic charities for future allocation.

Presentations were made to two respected and regarded members who had served for 40 and 50 years as Freemasons.


At the committee meeting on 18th February, 2014, by unanimous vote, a resolution was made to donate £250 to the Somerset flood relief fund.


A regular meeting was held on 11th February, 2014 in which a new member was introduced to 27 members and 5 guests who were present.

£165 was collected for future charitable use.

Afterwards, a dinner of soup, roast lamb, apple crumble, cheese and biscuits, and coffee was enjoyed by those attending, evident by the animated chatter.


This was held on 4th February, 2014, at Windmill Street.

All relevant parties enjoyed their posts, and all voraciously consumed fish and chips after the evening’s informal business.


This was held on 21/01/2014.

The agenda for the next meeting was considered and decided upon.

It was proposed and unanimously past that Reg Cook would be balloted to become an honorary member in recognition of his outstanding work in raising many tens of thousands of pounds over his years.

this ballot wil take place at the next meeting.


This was held on Tuesday 14th January, 2014 at Windmill Street.

The Lodge was opened for regular business, and following is closure, ladies and guests entered the Lodge for presentation of the Platinum Certificate to Wakefield of Hythe Lodge for raising in excess of £32,000 over the last 6 years.

The presentation was made by the Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master who, having previously been the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, gave an outline of the charitable work of Masonry, saying that over the last 3 years, over twenty-two milion pounds had been used for charitable causes, including the tsunamis appeal, air ambulances, regular donations to all the UK hospices, and more.

His delivery, presentation and reading of the certificate (which is signed by the Provincial Grand Master) were greeted with spontaneous acclaim!

The 23 members, 20 ladies and 7 guests then enjoyed a five course fest.

1 member and 1 lady were unable to attend owing to ill health – we wish them a speedy return to full health.


This was held at Windmill Street on 17th December, 2013.

Following carols and readings in the Lodge room, the 25 members, 48 guests, 6 widows and 4 children (83 in all) enjoyed a sit-down buffet of cold meats and salad, followed by curry and pudding.

More carols and Christmas songs were lustily sung – especially by tables 2 and 3!

It would be inappropriate to mention those with the loudest voices!!!!

Over four hundred pounds was raised for the various chosen charities.


A regular meeting was held on 10th December, 2013 in which a new member was introduced to 24 members and 17 guests who were present.

Afterwards, a Christmas dinner was enjoyed , during which festive songs and carols were sung with great gusto!


This was held at the Hythe Masonic Hall on Saturday 7th December, 2013 at 12:00 for 13:00.

Thirteen lodge widows attended with the Master, John Banks, and Sue, his lady, along with Miriam and Gordon Cant, The Almoner, Brian, and Barbara, his lady, .

The attendance was very good as nearly all the active widows were there including two ladies in their nineties.

Apologies were received from three, , one attending a sick relative, one at a wedding and one unfortunately not well with an ear infection.

The good cheer was ably assisted by the proverbial bar steward Cecil Boorman.

There was a great response from the ladies who voiced their approval of the proceedings and tendered their grateful thanks to the Brethren of the Wakefield of Hythe Lodge for their generosity in providing them with a lovely meal and the opportunity to meet old friends.

After lunch was a raffle, and all the ladies won a prize – these had been donated by the members of the Lodge.

The ladies were also given a box of biscuits to take home, to share with family and friends.

The general opinion was, “Well done Wakefield of Hythe for their support of the widows”. The web master received a telephone call from one of the widows who expressed this immediately on her arrival home after the event.


A GP meeting was held on 19th November, 2013, at 18:00 prior to L of I.

Details regarding the next meeting, widows’ lunch and carol evening were discussed.


The funeral of W/Bro Don Goddard took place on 21st November at Charing Crematorium. 12 members of Wakefield of Hythe Lodge attended, and about the same number from other Lodges.

The wake took place at the Holiday Inn in Ashford.


Our regular meeting was held on 12th November, 2013, AT 18:00.

22 members, 3 guests and 1 visiting Master wer present.

the agenda and minutes, as published and sent to all members on 10th October, the revised version on 27th October, were accepted, also the auditted accounts to the year end 31st March, 2013 were unanimously adopted.


It is with deepest regret that we have learnt of the death of Don in the morning of 7th November, 2013.

At this time, 00:15 on 8th November, we have no knowledge of the funeral arrangements, but these will be posted on this page as soon as they are known.


This has been postponed owing to conflict with other events.



This was held on 14th October, 2013, as planned.

the meeting was uneventful, but the planned business for the November was postponed until December owing to lack of availability of a key person for 12th November’s scheduled meeting.


This was held on Tuesday, 8th October, being attended by 27 members and 9 guests who witnessed a Third Degree and dined after the meeting.


8 members and 5 ladies enjoyed this postponed event, on 23rd September, at The White Horse, Bilsington.


On 20th September, 2013, many members and their wives, attended a celebration of Eddy’s life at Barham crematorium where there was standing room only. This was a fitting tribute to a much loved and respected member of our Lodge, and an indication of his popularity in the town where he had been a trader for many years until his retirement.

Many went to the Liminge Cricket Club for refreshment following the funeral and committal.


A committee meeting was held on 17th September, 2013, at which a resolution was made, by vote, to contract new caterers.

L of I 27/08/2013


16:09 27th August, 2013

News received at 16:02 that L of I this evening at 18:30 has been cancelled owing to unavailability of key people.


During the sunny afternoon of Sunday 21st July 2013, the Master,

picture of the Master

members, families guests and our webmaster

picture of the webmaster and his wife

(80 in all) enjoyed the sunny hot weather and garden party at the IPM’s house in Shadoxhurst.

The age span of those attending was 95 years!

The barbecue was splendid, the main feature being a hog roast, along with a superb spread of salads and typical barbecue food which had been prepared by a core of hard-working organisers.

The raffle and other events raised a total of over £900 for later distribution to charities.

Thanks go out to all those who helped to arrange the afternoon, and, in particular, thanks are extended to Warren,

picture of Warren (the IPM)

His wife and family for allowing their home to be used for the event.


39 members and guests attended this event on Sunday 2nd June, walking along the Royal Military Canal, in the sunshine, ending up at The White Horse at Bilsington for a full English breakfast.


This event, proposed for 27th May 2013, has been cancelled until a proposed date of 23rd September.


This was held on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 attended by 27 in all, 14 members and 13 guests who enjoyed an extensive mixed grill, jocular and animated chatter.

Several of the guests were shown round The Lodge Room, and expressed their interest.


A regular meeting was held on Tuesday, 14th May, 2013.
This was the last regular meeting before the summer recess.


This was held on Tuesday, 9th April, 2013 when John Banks was installed as The Master.